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South London Area Judo Forum

The forum has now been updated from the previous version and now uses a more feature rich forum.
If you are not a member then go to the home page and register. Once registered you can login and contribute and reply to discussions.
Some of the improved features over previous forums are the ability to look at the home page and see immediately if any there have been any new posts. (Key at foot of the page.)
When in the topic area (must be logged in for this) you can select 'Watch this topic for replies' to be notified of any updates.

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So what are you waiting for? Tell us what interests you, irritates you, whats going on in your club or area, do you have a coaching concern or tip you want to share with your fellow judo enthusiasts.

In fact....Anything!

If you cannot find an appropriate category on the forum then let us know.

Go to forum home page where you can read forum entries.

Go to forum login page where you can login and create new posts and reply to exisiting discussions.

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